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What is Reactive Maintenance?



Reactive maintenance, sometimes known as ‘breakdown maintenance’ is a responsive repair service that is carried out as and when equipment/assets have broken down or have been damaged. Reactive building maintenance services focus on restoring assets to their normal condition, this can include plumbing repairs, window replacements, door repairs or water damage repairs.

Reactive maintenance is undertaken in response to a breakdown or damage and can help reduce the long-term damage to buildings and equipment. Failure to react to essential maintenance or repair, could be detrimental to the health and safety of users within the facility.

Businesses/facilities can also utilise planned maintenance (PM) services, (also known as planned preventive maintenance (PPM)) to reduce the reliance/need for reactive maintenance services. Planned maintenance is a proactive strategy where maintenance and inspections on assets and facilities are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the calendar year.

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