Planned Property Facility Management


We are specialists in Planned Maintenance services for Domestic and Commercial properties across the UK from Manchester to London.

You may be interested in one of the most popular building, repair and maintenance services we have to offer… Planned Maintenance! Our planned property maintenance and grounds maintenance services are ideal for local businesses to take real measures to prevent expensive repairs and replacements that could occur in the future.

Here at KKC, we offer planned maintenance services in Lancashire, the North West and the UK simply because, we like to ensure our customers that our services will protect them in the long run. We are specialists in the property maintenance and we understand, analyse, identify and prevent minor maintenance issues before they convert into major maintenance blunders, which is an issue we always aim to avoid.

Our planned property, gardening and building maintenance services don’t just cover a few selections from you to choose from. We cover external painting (we have a decorating service specifically for this), major repairs and adaptations, whole internal replacement works including your central heating and wiring, environmental works and external works on your property featuring roof replacement/fixing up, security, windows and doors. Ensuring your property or facility is maintained to a more than acceptable standard is our priority, so we can set your minds at ease if you’re away from your property and you need us to step in.

Why Choose KKC?:

  • Local planned maintenance services
  • Qualified, skilled & experienced tradesmen
  • All types of maintenance and repair work taken on
  • Covering the whole of the North West & UK
  • Routine grounds maintenance and property maintenance services
  • Trusted, recommended & cost effective planned maintenance services

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Professional Planned Property Maintenance

Planned Maintenance is not necessarily something that most people worry about, usually your expenses are being spent elsewhere therefore getting round to the small tasks one by one and leaving a prevention plan until last minute. Leaving a planned solution until last minute is something we wouldn’t recommend, especially when the damage may be already done. We offer this plan because it enables us to provide significant savings to our clients and keep your property or facility operating consistently.

At KKC, we understand the importance of planned maintenance and thereby provide our valued clients with an updated portfolio of planned maintenance services. Our services are known for being of high quality and our affordable solutions mean our clients receive truly great value, whether your facility or property is of a large or small size. Whatever your requirements are – whether it is re-roofing, re-wiring, window repair, complimentary fix and repair of house security monitoring tool, or anything else of any complexity, we are ready to serve you, 24 hours a day throughout the 365 days of the year!

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If you’re unsure about which plan is the best for you, we suggest you opt for annual planned maintenance solutions to keep your home, office, premise protected and future-proof.

What we cannot prevent is natural disasters which sadly sometimes lead to tragedies and with the substantial change in the weather in the UK throughout the winter; it’s always a safer option to think ahead. Our affordable planned maintenance solutions will work out less expensive in the long run. We are just a click or a call away, whichever is the most convenient for you – please call our friendly team for a quote!