Vacant Property Management Services


We are specialists in all aspects of Vacant Property Services including property clearance, property repairs and property boarding across the UK from Manchester to London.

KKC specialise in clearing, cleaning, repairing and/or securing your vacant properties. When it comes to Vacant Property services in Lancashire and the North West we offer a complete core package ranging from security including security screens and doors, internal alarms with 24 hour response, internal and external cleaning services, maintenance and preparation and guarding. There is a complete package to provide a suitable service to all of our clients, as we work with small organizations and individual property owners and landlords to high-rise buildings, social housing associations and large property companies.

These services are put into place so that we can protect even your empty property against unauthorized access, vandalism and damages. Everybody needs a holiday and life matters do crop up and sometimes our clients do need to be away, hence why we offer security systems that can provide peace at mind when our clients are not here. This could even class as an overnight issue where if your office or building is not maintained with security footage etc… we can provide a solution to fit your needs and requirements.

Why Choose KKC?:

  • Local vacant property services
  • Qualified, skilled & experienced specialists
  • All types of Vacant and Empty Property work taken on
  • Covering the whole of the North West and UK
  • Routine & emergency response services provided
  • Trusted, recommended & cost effective Vacant Property Services

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Empty Property Specialists

Vacant properties are vulnerable to unauthorized access, break-ins, arson, vandalism, theft and squatting, all issues that KKC tackle every single day on behalf of your clients across the UK. We have strict views on this matter and it’s something we would definitely like to be able to overcome together. Distress and emergency response’s most likely cause an abrupt stop to your work flow, and our highly trained vacant property specialists are put in place so that we can assist expertise advice and guidance 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are happy to provide an analysis that is free of charge as its part of this service. You can then decide which the correct procedure is for you.

Our portfolio of clients allows us to present that we are ready for you, we are number one in the North West for Vacant Property services. Our highly trained engineers and specialists are experienced and trained in every situation you could possibly think of. From operating on the roof tops of high-rise buildings, refurbishing whole reception desks and maintaining property security through our locksmiths.

We mainly provide to corporate, commercial and private organizations and they rely on our expertise to reduce their costs and also so that we can maintain a strong life value of their property.

At KKC we provide far more than just box standard security. Our services that we offer are completed by our expertise from our vacant property specialists, which will guarantee that each property they work on will be protected against unauthorized access.

KKC provide this service simply because disruption in the work place is sometimes a surprise to most of our clients. By surprise we mean that, the client wasn’t necessarily expecting a break in, vandalism, robbery or even damage to their property. Nobody usually is, however it’s important that we share our expertise to each individual(s) and further guide you towards full security and control over your property.

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We pride ourselves in delivering trust, reliability and completing high quality services at competitive prices. We provide an array of contracts at KKC purely because our fundamentals are based on building long term relationships with our customers.