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We are specialists in all aspects of domestic and commercial UPVC Window & Door services across the UK from Manchester to London.

KKC provide a wide range of services for windows, doors, fascias and soffits including the supply of, installations, repairs and general maintenance. Our trained professionals can work with all windows and doors types from white UPVC to a rosewood finish. We specialise in all UPVC installations and repairs for both individual households and businesses across Lancashire, the North West and UK, so call us now to find out how we can help you.

We have years of experience within the window and door installation and repair industry and our customers have come to us before they began using our services with all types of issues including; Capping boards fitted being fitted over existing timber fascias. There is nothing technically wrong with this procedure; however the old timber is not being completely removed and replaced with UPVC fascias, also known as (un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride).

The reason why KKC offer full replacement fascias services is because before we undergo any work on the project, we need to evaluate the chance of any infestation or large areas which have been effected by rotting. It’s very important that our qualified specialists carry out the correct installation procedure to verify a long term roof strength life span.

Why Choose KKC?:

  • Local installation, repair and maintenance services
  • Qualified, skilled & experienced tradesmen
  • All types of UPVC Windows, Fascia’s & Soffits work taken on
  • Covering the whole of the North West & UK
  • Routine maintenance and repair services
  • Trusted, recommended & cost effective installations services

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UPVC Window & Door Specialists

We carefully have made sure that at KKC, our employees are specifically trained in every aspect of each service they will be working in. Soffits, fascias and guttering which are maintained regularly play one of the upmost important roles of keeping your home pest free and damp free.

If you are looking to put your home on the market, the surveyor will most likely spot straight away if they can see damaged fascias. They usually will tell you whether it has rotted or has dipped which will show a concern for the surveyor if your fascias’ has not been installed properly. This will probably be pointed out to you within the survey or after a thorough check of the house has been made. If you come across this problem, KKC are your team to get the job done. Our main priority is ensuring that all of our clients and potential customers save substantial savings in the long run, but also to make sure that each individual home, property, facility and organization are safe.

Our soffits and fascias’ are both made of UPVC s, this is because we excel here at KKC in providing high quality and efficient service. Our UPVC soffits are long-lasting and they cope exceptionally well with exposure to moisture. We don’t offer wooden soffits because they tend to rot quicker than plastic, even though wood is obviously known to be stronger – they will easily intimidate the integrity of the rest of the roof structure in the long run.

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Our fully equipped tradesmen will fully fit news fascias’ to enable the protection of the seals of your roof. They will also make sure that when fitting is in procedure, that the roof tiles are strongly supported and there is support for guttering with no heavy demand.