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What is Facility Management


what is facility management

Facility management is a business discipline that involves managing the infrastructure and operations of a building or organisation. It includes planning, designing, and maintaining the facility in order to ensure its smooth operation. Facility managers must ensure they are meeting the needs of their clients while adhering to government regulations, safety protocols, and taking into account customer feedback.

The role of a facility manager is complex and requires knowledge across various disciplines such as design, construction, maintenance engineering, security, financial analysis, customer service and more. Their job is to manage all aspects related to the physical environment of an organization including preventative maintenance programs for equipment; budgeting; energy efficiency; compliance with laws; space management; emergency preparedness plans and more. Additionally, they need to be able to work with contractors such as plumbers or electricians if repairs are needed or new installations are required.

Why is it important?

Facility management is a critical component of any commercial business. It involves the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of all the physical assets within a company. Depending on the size and scope of a business, facility management may require one or several individuals to fulfil its responsibilities.

The primary goal of facility management is to ensure that all areas of the building are functioning correctly and efficiently at all times. This includes regular inspections and preventative maintenance checks as well as responding quickly to any issues that arise. Additionally, facility managers must be knowledgeable in both construction techniques and safety regulations in order to maintain a safe working environment for employees inside the building.

In addition to normal maintenance tasks such as painting walls or fixing broken equipment, facility managers must also be responsible for managing contractors when needed.

Done professionally

Facilities management may be handled in-house or outsourced to contractors. Outsourcing facility management allows you to carefully control costs, increase efficiency, have expertise available to you for one contract, have one point of contact for all services required, and result in time savings for both you and your employees.

Business service providers can offer a variety of options and choose the model that suits the needs of a company. Determining the ideal strategy for providing services to businesses is about determining the needs of companies.

Why choose facilities management?

The facilities management industry continues to excel in rapid development. The terms of the facilities manager continue to widen, evolving into new skills and expertise. The team members and budgets as well are increasing substantially in the area of architecture and the built environment.

Without facilities management in place, you run the risk of a small problem snowballing into a very costly job. At KKC UK, we work in a pro-active manner, making sure plans are in place for specific tasks. You are your team, and visitors or residents can be safe in the knowledge the building is maintained safely to the highest standard, greatly reducing the risk of increased spends. Contact KKC today for a no obligation quote.

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