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How to prevent Commercial Plumbing Issues



Prevent Commercial Plumbing Issues

Never underestimate Commercial Plumbing Issues. You work hard to create the best business, but something as small as a water leak can cause costly damage and loss of revenue. When things go wrong, they are usually more expensive to fix if left unattended. Here are some ways to prevent plumbing issues before they become a problem.

Clogged Drains

Act to solve a slowly draining sink, before the problem gets worse. Dislodge unwanted debris, perhaps with a plunger or warm water. Check routinely every three months as you never know what has accumulated out of sight.

Water Pressure

A water pressure gauge can help you test the pressure in your water circulation system. Appliances from boilers to washing machines all need the right water pressure to function correctly. You may need to add a specialist pump to keep heating, showers, dishwashers and washers working effectively and to regulation standards.


If you ignore leaking taps, pipes or appliances, they are not going to get better on their own. As well as adding to your water bills, leaks can cause other expensive problems. Regularly check to make sure that you don’t have dripping taps or pipes. Always inspect under sinks and appliances for potential water damage.


Clogged toilets are bad for staff, customers and your reputation. Always fit toilets from trusted manufacturers with a longstanding tradition in commercial plumbing. You can make sure that you are ready to cope with heavy demands. Commercial businesses have little control over what gets flushed down the toilet. Facilities managers can advise on durable fitments and the best signage to remind everyone to avoid potential trouble.

Regular Inspections

Sometimes leaks come from fittings you wouldn’t expect, like a fridge or freezer. Water and worse can cause mould and mildew if you don’t notice soon enough. Regularly inspect all floors, walls and ceiling areas for safety.

There are many more ways to prevent plumbing issues before they become a problem and if you would like to know more, we are happy to help. Please do contact us for assistance.

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