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Grounds Maintenance Tips



Follow our grounds maintenance tips to keep your properties in top condition. Changing seasons and climates bring fresh challenges for grounds maintenance.

Caring about your property appearance enhances your company image. There are also health and safety requirements to consider. Warm weather is ideal for exterior painting and maintenance. Bright sun prompts more frequent window cleaning. Winter ice can expose old pipe seals that need fixing before leaks cause damage. Pest problems need to be addressed all year round.

Be wary about reducing spending on facilities grounds maintenance. Green outside spaces might be considered as non-essential. However, if paths are slippery, they can be a trip hazard. Fail to weed overgrown flowerbeds, and you also fail to create a good impression for customers, visitors and staff. The exterior of your building is one of the first things people see. Facilities Managers provide a welcoming reception long before your customers arrive at the front door.

Quality open spaces are positive for organisation reputation and clear evidence of customer care credentials. They can also improve staff sense of belonging, good health and wellbeing. Find the right grounds maintenance contractors to manage quality standards is essential.

Take a twelve-month contract with a grounds maintenance team. Agree on terms and conditions. Assess risks and write up method statements to get a cost-effective service to support your health, safety and environmental policies. Ensure that you have carefully selected your grounds team in advance of the summer months as springtime is a time of high demand for grounds maintenance teams.

Create a complete set of measurable performance indicators for the best grounds quality. For example, state that grass blades should not exceed 80 mm. Plan priority maintenance tasks, such tree works, planting or pitch renovations.

Arrange regular review meetings with your grounds maintenance services provider(s) to discuss issues and plan work. Always encourage innovation and use of technology to support strategic grounds maintenance to make sure that the service you receive continues to be cost-effective for years to come.

Always look around six months ahead. If you need any further advice on grounds maintenance issues and potential pitfalls for your organisation, please get in touch.

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